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Tampa, Florida is the perfect destination for all adventure seekers.  The best of fun in the sun awaits you in Tampa Bay, Florida. The term ‘Tampa’ means ‘sticks of fire’ in the Calusan tribal language. The Tampa we know today was once inhabited by Native American tribes, the Tocobaga and the Pohoy. You can enjoy the Back to School bash with your family or groove to the music at Paul’s Music Fest. Or better yet, get in the Caribbean spirit. Explore the vibrant colors on the intricate costumes of the dancers at the Tampa Caribbean Festival held at The Florida State Fairgrounds. And what’s more, you can continue the carnival spirit with Bright House Tampa in your homes too.

  • Population:  335,709
  • Land Area: 170.6 Sq Miles
  • Governor: Rick Scott
  • Total Firms: 86,025

With Bright House Tampa enjoy exciting entertainment that never ceases.

With Bright House, the residents of Tampa may never find an unexciting day in their lives. Why? We gives countless reasons to enjoy wholesome entertainment.  You get up to 275 of your favorite channels, from loads of movie channels to dozens of music channels.

  • Family Programming:

Each family member may have a different choice when it comes to entertainment. To cater to everyone’s interest levels, Bright House has released a variety of packages. From sports to music, movies to family friendly programs and so on, there is something for everyone.

  • Sports Packages:

Want to catch the best of the biggest moments in sporting events? When you bring home Digital TV from BrightHouse Cable Tampa,you can play host to all major sporting events from around the world.

  • Local Programming:

To learn what’s happening in your neighborhood and in the communities around you, Bright House’s local channels are included with your programming package.

  • International Programming:

You can now roam the world at will with more than 10 premium International channels available from Bright House Networks®.

  • Music Channels:

Is there anyone who doesn’t enjoy music? Turn your TV into an exciting jukebox with free access to a well-rounded music collection. Find your favorite song at over 40 musical channels.

With Bright House Tampa, there are innumerable ways to unwind. It is easy to get lost in such abundant entertainment choices. All you need is access to the on-screen program guide to learn about all the BrightHouse Tampa channels.

Watch TV in High Definition and notice a marked difference, for the better. The colors look brighter and the images look clearer and sharper. Enjoy 100’s of movies, sports and shows on HDTV from Bright House. With HD On Demand, the best in HD awaits you. Watch it according to your schedule.

Demand the best in entertainment with Bright House On Demand. Watch primetime hit series from NBC and CBS whenever you wish. There are hundreds of movie titles available from the virtual library. Just choose the movies that interest you and enjoy watching them whenever you want.

With Bright House Cable added to the ever-growing list of entertainment options available to the residents of Tampa, they needn’t step outside their homes in search of excitement, when all the entertainment is indoors! When you subscribe to BrightHouse Tampa Florida,every day can be a winner.