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Elmore is one of those places where nature flourishes. The calm and cool river banks, clean air, and friendly people make it an abode of peace. The grand Wetumpka Crater is the best place to escape to when you want to be immersed in serenity. The crater is an indelible mark made by a meteor that struck 84 million years ago. The incredible view from the highest point of the ridge surrounding it is a feast to the eyes. Besides individual entertainment, there are lots of opportunities for group entertainment like the Coosa River Challenge, the River and Blues Festival, Riverfest, and much more. The presence of Bright House Elmore, one of the leading entertainment and communication service providers, is yet another reason to live in this place.

  • Population: 79,303
  • Area: 657.21 sq miles
  • Governor: Robert J. Bentley
  • Total Firms: 6,513

Discover New Horizons in Entertainment with Bright House Elmore

How can one feel content without watching TV? What’s more satisfying than watching an exciting TV show? To make your leisure time more enjoyable and relaxing, you can sign up for a cable deal which offers the best value for your money. Do you think a package with up to 275 channels from BrightHouse Cable is less? Now, HD programming is both easy on the pocket and on the eyes.

The following features help you watch TV more comfortably:

  • A powerful DVR that lets you pause, rewind, and record live programs
  • Parental Controls to take complete control of what your children watch on TV
  • An Interactive TV Guide to help you search your favorite TV programs easily
  • Start Over® enables you to restart a live TV show

Next on the entertainment list is the Internet. The best gift you can give yourself is signing up for a Bright House Internet deal. How can your day be complete without surfing the Internet, tweeting, and updating your status on Facebook? You can maintain a clutter-free Inbox because you get up to 10 email accounts for free. You can surf the Internet at speeds of up to 10 Mbps, which is six times the speed of a standard DSL line. You needn’t worry about viruses, spam, and hacking anymore as the internet service from Bright House Networks® comes with free security features to protect your PC. You can also access the Internet anywhere in your house using the Home Networking service.

Ensuring a safe surfing experience for your kids is easy, as you can use Parental Controls to monitor their online activities. The Instant Message Reporting feature offers additional relief to parents as it sends them a log of their kids’ chats with strangers online.

BrightHouse Elmore is your one stop solution to all your internet and cable needs. Call us to grab your personalized entertainment package today