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Birmingham is the entertainment and cultural capital of Alabama. Birmingham is also called “The Magic City.” The iconic symbol of Birmingham is a huge statue of Vulcan, The Roman God. This statue is made entirely of cast-iron. This magnificent statue stands on the Peak of Red Mountain. The combined weight of the statue is over 120,000 pounds. Birmingham is a city filled with different kinds of museums. The Birmingham Museum of Art is one of the biggest Art Museums in North America. Birmingham is also famous for its BBQ. No trip to Birmingham is complete without a visit to “The Hot & Hot Fish Club.” Here is where you can get to eat some of the finest southern soul seafood in all of America. Smoky Mountain is a welcome weekend retreat for the community of Birmingham. You can catch all the local events and sports on Bright House Birmingham TV.

  • Population:         1128407.
  • Mayor:                William. A. Bell.
  • Area:                  1.51.9 sq miles.
  • Total Firms:         382,350.

Bright House Birmingham Offers To Inspire

Brighthouse Birmingham is one of the leading service providers for home entertainment and communications. They provide Cable TV, Internet and Home Phone services. The most amazing aspect is you get to bundle all three services in one bill. By doing so, you will get combined benefits in terms of paying lower monthly fees and using inter-linked features like Caller ID on TV. 

Brighthouse Cable Birmingham uses the latest and most recent developments in technology to keep their customers entertained.

The list of features and programming packages available are:

  • HD Programming HD programming is included; all you need is an HD Television.
  • On Demand On Demand is available 24/7, 365 days. Watch all sports, movies and TV shows at your convenience.
  • Movies on Demand Watch all the latest Blockbusters in your living room without having to go to a theater.
  • Premium Channels You can choose from any of these premium movie channels: Showtime®, Starz®, HBO®, Encore and TMC.
  • Sports and Local Programming The Sports Pack has a channel lineup that includes the leading sports in the U.S. With the sports package, you don’t have to miss any of the live action as it is played out across the country. The local channels provide regular news and updates of events in your area.
  • Bright House Internet provides supersonic download speeds with PowerBoost®. You also get to enjoy wireless Home Networking that lets each family member enjoy the benefits of surfing from a single connection.
  • Bright House Birmingham AL always strives to exceed the expectations of their customers. You can contact customer service regarding any issue with your cable, internet or phone services, any time of the day.
  • Bright House Networks Birmingham ensures that the best of entertainment and communications is provided to all customers, and is always coming up with specials and offers for existing subscribers as well.