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Television is probably the greatest form of entertainment for millions of households across the land. Over the years, television has evolved from black and white to color to high definition to 3D. In addition to movies and several other TV shows, sports is a genre that has captivated millions of viewers. The increase in sports channel viewership is proof enough that the enthusiasm for sports continues to rise. Bright House is one service provider who offers tons of choices for such enthusiasts. In case you are looking for information on the Bright House Sports Networkyou should know you can enjoy watching all of today’s most popular sports on both TV and on your smartphone.

With the WatchESPN App, you can use your Apple or Android devices to follow everything sports. All you need is a “My Services” Account from Bright House Networks®. Registering for “My Services” is simple and easy. You will also require an internet connection and a computer, tablet or smartphone. This application is free and can be downloaded from Apple app stores or Android markets, depending on the device you own. It has been designed not just for iPhones, but iPads as well. It uses the handy 1.6.1 version which can help troubleshoot and fix issues should you have trouble logging in. Additionally, you can enjoy watching ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3 and ESPNU if ESPN is included in your TV pack. Do you want to learn more about BrightHouse Networks Sports?

Check out the following choices available with the ESPN app:

  • Every single NBA game, including the Playoffs
  • Major Tennis Tournaments such as The Masters, The US Open and The Open Championships
  • 24/7 Local College Football and Basketball Games
  • Barclay’s Premier League, Spanish Primera Division and Euro 2012 Soccer
  • The four Grand Slam Tennis Tournaments

If you think this is all that is available with the BrightHouse Sports Network, then you should know this is just the tip of the iceberg. You can watch tons of additional events broadcast on ESPN networks. Catch up with the latest sports news and highlights with shows such as SportsCentre, PTI, Mike & Mike, SportsNation and Baseball Tonight. Moreover, it is easy to locate your favorite events and stars with the user-friendly features. Another good thing is you can enjoy the fervor and excitement anywhere using your mobile.

Here are the steps to get started from your Android device:

  • Register for Bright House Networks “My Services” Account
  • Sign up for an ESPN ID
  • Link your account with the ESPN ID
  • Download the app and install it

Would you like to know about Bright House Sports Network TampaThere is good news! Bright House services are indeed available in Tampa. You can catch up with hundreds of sporting events online as well. Get the BTN2Go App from the iTunes store and continue watching sports on your computer or laptop. To learn more about Bright House’s services, simply call us and we will assist you.