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Today’s advanced technology lets you enjoy TV entertainment your way. The Digital TV service from Bright House gives you total control of your TV. With access to the latest releases, hit flicks and original series, you now have more reasons not to leave the couch.Bright House TV, with its varied channels and packages, delivers the best entertainment right to your doorstep.

With Brighthouse TV, you can watch movies, shows, and events the way you want and enjoy everything you love without missing any of the action.

The choices you can expect when you bring home Digital TV service from Bright House Networks® are:

Plenty of On Demand titles to watch your favorite shows at leisure. You get to pick from a massive library of movies, sports, music, news, and children’s programs.

With the Whole House DVR and HD DVR, you can record your favorite movies, events, or shows in HD to watch later. You can even view your favorite shows across multiple TV’s in your home. You can also pause and rewind live TV with the DVR.

  • Navigating TV channels to see what’s on is made much easier with the Brighthouse TV Guide. The Interactive TV Guide allows you to search, control and explore TV programs with amazing ease.
  • With Start Over®, you can restart live shows already playing and you no longer have to worry about missing your favorite programs.
  • Make extensive use of Parental Controls to protect your family. Block channels using various blocking options available.
  • Enjoy the convenience of integrated features like Caller ID on TV, when you bundle home phone and Digital TV services. The caller’s identity flashes on your TV screen letting you decide if you want to pick up the call or not.

Digital TV service from Bright House lets you access your favorite live TV programs instantly on your iPad, iPhone, and select Android devices. With the Bright House TV App, you can turn any room in your house into a TV room and access your favorite shows anywhere you want.

With Bright House Cable TV service and a WiFi connection, you can watch thousands of channels on your mobile device. Just download the TV app on your hand-held device to enjoy popular networks, premium channels, and other cool features. Get Digital TV from Bright House today to take total control of your entertainment, wherever you go!