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For impeccable entertainment on television, you don’t have to look further than Bright House. The amazing variety of Bright House channels can leave you content. You can rejoice watching your favorite channels in crystal clear digital quality. With Bright House, you get upto 275 channels to choose from and a great portion of channels are available in high definition.

As a valued Bright House customer, you can enjoy the following:

  • Local channels: Want to learn more about local channels in your area? The BrightHouse channel lineup gives you a complete list of all the channels available in your location and also what time they are on.
  • High Definition: What good is watching TV without High Definition? We all want to watch our favorite shows and movies in the best picture quality with enhancing sound effects. Bring home a theater-like experience with BrightHouse HD channels. When you subscribe to HD On Demand, you get to watch your favorite sports, movies and shows in HD.
  • Digital Video Recorder: Get DVR service from Bright House so you don’t miss any of your favorite shows. With the DVR, you can record shows and watch them later. You can also pause and rewind live TV. The Whole House DVR service enables you to record shows in one room and watch them in another room.
  • TV Guide: The Bright House channel guide will help you easily locate the channels you are looking for on your TV. You can easily switch between channels and find out when your favorite show is on. Additionally, you can use the interactive TV guide to set reminders, record shows, order premium services and see show timings.
  • Parental Controls: Do you want to prevent your child from watching certain channels? You can get advanced Parental Controls from Bright House to provide you with various blocking options like: block-by-time-slot, channel, show, rating and more.

With Bright House,you can choose core TV programming packages along with many specialty choices that can be ordered a la carte. Selection includes the following: family programming, Music Choice, International programming, premium programming, exclusive local programming and sports programming.

All BrightHouse channels are designed keeping you in mind. You will find a perfect mix of channels to suit your interests and budget. Sign up today and start enjoying the best of TV at affordable prices.